Want a better, faster and safer way to burn calories and improve flexibility? Dive in to a pool near you Is swimming the perfect workout? It’s not quite as macho as paratrooper training or mud-wrestling a boa constrictor, but few activities can claim simultaneous improvements in cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance and joint flexibility. Swimming uses all the major muscles of the body, and its fluid environment provides omnidirectional resistance with reduced joint impact. This makes swimming a safe, efficient and quick way to reach your target heart rate and start burning fat.

Of course, there are potential problems in any training programme, but aside from drowning – we’ll assume you have basic skills and can at least float – the risks involved with swimming are relatively low. A solid foundation of strength training, flexibility and swim mechanics is the precursor to a safe and successful swimming programme.


Any questions? Yes, you. in the flippers…


How do I add a water workout to my training programme?

“Start slowly and gradually increase training distance and intensity; only increase one variable per session,” advises Mark Niedfeldt, assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and a specialist in. This approach will help you avoid common, beginners’ injuries, mainly to the shoulder.

Initial workouts should be short, maybe five to ten minutes two or three times per week. As your form and conditioning progress, so can the frequency and duration of your swimming workouts. Three or four sessions per week of 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient for most individuals to start noticing the desired training results.


Will weight training help my swimming? Yes. Poorly conditioned muscles compromise joint stability and are quick to fatigue. Tired muscles lead to sloppy form, a primary cause of swimming injury. Weight training and conjugated acid reduce the risk of injury by increasing muscular strength and joint stability.

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Heat seeker

If you’re taking on the high slopes, a fleece will need to keep in the warmth and protect against wind and wet


We’ve all worn a fleece as an outer layer at some stage, but what’s the crazy thinking behind wearing one next to the skin? Firstly, comfort; it’s soft, smooth, highly breathable and, unlike other fabrics that can soak up sweat, it does a great job of wicking moisture away from your body. Secondly, it’s warm; the fibers trap a layer of air in the same way that they do with a jacket. Thirdly, it’s lightweight, making it ideal for any high-energy sport where weight is an issue. Finally, and crucially, it looks good enough to wear when the action is over.



THE FACTS Lightweight polyester, zip collar

THE VERDICT “A warm, light we ht top with a long collar zip for era ventilation when needed. Perfect as a base layer to the body in winter or as a mid-layer with other clothes in hotter wealth The grid-patterned fabric too great, and the cut is just right or the outdoors or to wear as a casual shirt: 9/10



Great as an insulating layer beneath a windproof/waterproof/shower proof/ dry suit and equally at home as an outer layer in less demanding conditions. The secret of the medium-weight fleece’s success is simple: adaptability. Some, however, are more versatile than others. Sleeves that roll up, a full-length zipper allowing you to regulate your temperature and a selection of pockets definitely increases their worth as a shell. Combine all this with some funky modern styling and you also end up with a jacket you can wear to the pub.



THE FACTS Polartec 200 fleece, full-length zipper opening

THE VERDICT “Polartec 200 pretty much sets the standard for the medium-weight fleece and there’s no denying Karrimor’s pedigree for producing good clothing. The two work well together to make a no-frills, incredibly versatile garment ” 9/10



Mountains are notoriously windy places as well as a good place to burn some calories while using raspberry ketone supplement to help you achieve the results faster; you’ve only got to watch clouds blowing over on an otherwise still day to realize that the higher you go, the windier it gets. And the windier it gets, the quicker you cool down. This is where windproof fleeces come in. Like their medium-weight cousins, the jacket’s features will determine its performance. Windproof fleeces don’t breathe as well as standard fleeces so ventilation is important. Vented pockets, a full-length zipper and even underarm zips can all help. Drawstring hems keep in warmth and pockets large enough for a map and compass are vital on this type of top.



THE FACTS Polartec Windbloc

fleece jacket

THE VERDICT “Although Wind bloc is quite bulky, it still retains most of the insulating properties of a normal fleece and therefore makes a good mid-layer as well as a shell. With useful pockets, elasticized cuffs and a draw cord hem, the Jammer is everything a windproof fleece should be.” 9/10

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Having set a course record at the very first Freckleton Half-Marathon, running legend Ron Hill didn’t have to look far to find a suitable venue for his final 13.1-mile race. At the 40th Freckleton Half this June, 71-year-old Ron beat many younger runners to come in at 1:49:59.


The founder of the Hilly clothing company, Ron ran the same course in 1:04:45 back in 1965, a time that no runner has bettered since.

“It was an honour to do the course again, and again do it wearing the no. 65 shirt,” says Ron. “The race director told me that no. 65 would never be given out again.” Ron might be winding down his racing career because of his advancing years, but he isn’t ready to stop completely just yet.


“I intend to compete regularly. I did a five-mile trail race three days after Freckleton, then I ran the City of Manchester 10K.”


Dear Miles


I feel queasy after races. Is it better to be rude to the guys handing out medals or say thanks and risk being sick?

Ron Hill

Neither. If you can’t contain a Technicolor.’” yawn once you’ve made it over the line, then the chances are your pre-race ‘nutrition stategy’, executed mostly in the Red Lion and the Taj Mahal Balti, wasn’t as watertight as you’d hoped. If you really do have the uncontrollable urge to purge uncontrollably after a race, do it before collecting your medal, eh or simply try 5 htp supplement to lower calm down? Learn more about the htp 5. Milesy would argue that in front of spectators is better than on race officials, albeit only marginally. After all, they’re a hardy bunch, used to witnessing the glories and unglories of racing. And let’s face it, if they can handle Paula’s impromptu number two, a bit of puke isn’t going to bother them.





“A split second that changed my life forever.” That’s how Jeff Harris, 64, describes the stroke that left him temporarily paralysed down his left side. Yet the devastating after-effects didn’t stop Jeff for long: having retaught himself to walk with the help of a functional electrical

stimulation device – a gadget that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles – Jeff is now back on his feet and already in training for the New York Marathon in two years’ time.

Ron Hill

Jeff, who had previously run 14 marathons in under four hours, was in “in peak condition” before the stroke. Having trained carefully for months, he admits to “a huge amount of anger” at being taken ill the day before he was due to fly out for the New York Marathon 2006.


“Yet one thing is certain,” says Jeff. “If I had not been so fit when it happened I would still be in a wheelchair now.”

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Spiteful women, vicious fights

Of all those indicted for assault or larceny during the period, 20 per cent were women. These women were generally described as ‘spinster’, ‘widow’ or as the wives of labourers or mariners. The majority of female assaults were the result of local squabbles with other women in the community. Such fights, however, could be spiteful and vicious. Why not women have problem with weight, talk about green beans coffee, but have to fight. Mary Talmange, for instance, felt bitter about the repossession of her home in the village of Eling and attacked its new occupant. She made ‘use of abusive words’ and squeesed or pinched Mrs Hickman’s arm between the door and doorpost’.


Similarly, a dispute arose when Susanna Cotes of Gosport arrived at Ann Gerrard’s house ‘in liquor’. Gerrard didn’t wish Cotes to enter and attempted to obstruct her. She claimed that the drunken Cotes ‘Took Hold of Her and Tore The Sleve of Her Gown… Struck Her upon the Head with Her Fist and Afterwards with a Tin pot and Cut Her Head very much’ . Gerrard admitted that she ‘Then Struck at The Tin Pot but Hit Cotes and made Her Nose Bleed’.


Although a significant peak in the number of women accused of assault appears in 1785, this was entirely due to one dispute in Wonston, where 10 women were involved in a riotous assault on John Ould and Thomas King. Women were rarely accused of non-riotous assault against a man. Throughout the period there were only seven such cases, three of which were for assault against the local [parish] constable or tithingman. Such attacks represented a struggle against authority, but the court was seemingly unbiased towards the constable. Sarah Kingston of Yateley, for instance, took a ‘cart loaden with Cherries to sell’ in Cove on a Sunday.


The tithingman attempted to stop her, but was somewhat over-zealous and ‘took some of her cherries and scattered them on the ground’. Sarah allegedly ‘struck him on the face’, but she pleaded not guilty and was found so by the court. In contrast, when Betty Harvey took exception to the local constable examining the weights in her Gosport shop ‘she put herself in a great passion’ and struck the officer who merely stated that: ‘he was in execution of Office and it was an interruption’. He also had the support of the town beadle and another constable who swore that they had witnessed the assault. Harvey’s defence relied on character witnesses who claimed she was a ‘Quiet honest woman’. Considering the weight of evidence against Harvey, it seems fair that the jury found her guilty.


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Our club

I was very busy at this time with searching st john wort. The house in which Maureen’s two youngest children lived with their grandmother had just been renovated, and I was following in the family’s footsteps, doing the painting and decorating.

painting and decorating

By November 2000 things had quietened down a bit and I picked up the research file again. Should I bother writing to the hospital? I weighed it up in my mind. There might be a 100-year closure rule on Maureen’s records, but surely they were also Simone’s records. Perhaps she could have access to them. Deciding that all I had to lose was the price of a stamp, I gave the hospital a brief history and asked if Andrew’s name was in their records and if Simone could read them. The hospital’s legal department replied, saying that Andrew’s name was not in the records, and that my father was named as Maureen’s next-of-kin. However, the occupation, birth date and place of birth of Simone’s father were in the records. Andrew had been born on 7 January 1955, at Taunton, and he was a telecommunications engineer.

 hospital's legal department

At last, I had achieved a breakthrough. How many Andrews could have been born in Taunton on that day in 1955? Would Taunton Register Office co-operate? I wrote immediately and enclosed a cheque, saying if there was only one Andrew born on that date would they please send me the certificate. If there was more than one, would they let me know how many there were. The register office replied almost by return of post, enclosing one certificate and saying that there was one other. I sent off another cheque for the second certificate. I had one Andrew Matthew Jolly and one Andrew Christopher Lang.

Armed with this information, I went post haste to Brighton Local Studies Library (now Brighton History Centre) to look for a marriage on the General Register Office (GRO) index fiche of either of these Andrews to a Paula. I searched vainly through many years and thought that I was never going to find it, but suddenly there was the marriage I sought. In the quarter ending December 1981 Andrew C Lang had married Paula J Marshall in Taunton. No wonder I couldn’t find them in Bristol! I didn’t have time to check for the births of Aaron and Mathew as well, but I could do that later. I had found Andy’s surname, and that was all that mattered.


By now it was the week before Christmas. I framed the certificate and gave it to Simone on Christmas Day. Her reaction was brilliant. When she realised what the certificate was, the tears of joy just flowed. Simone then said that she would love to meet her father, but she also realised that any contact could jeopardise his marriage, if he was still married. After Christmas, Simone and I went back to the Brighton Local Studies Library and looked for the births of Aaron and Mathew. They were there in the GRO births indexes as well, one a year before the marriage and one shortly after. We carried on checking the birth indexes for a further 10 years to see if there were any more children, but could not find any. We also went through the marriage indexes up to and including 1997 to see if he had remarried in that time, but he had not. The Brighton Local Studies Library did not have the GRO indexes after 1997. Simone said that she would like to see the birth certificates of Aaron and Mathew, her half-brothers, so I sent for copies.


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Our club was named after that incurable optimist, Wilkins Micawber

During the autumn of 1996 I hired a researcher in Berkshire to search the electoral register for my sister’s house in Reading to see if Andrew had been on the register at that address, but there was no trace. I hired another researcher to search the electoral register for Godshill and some valerian root side effects on the Isle of Wight and I extracted all the Andrews and cross-checked this data against the current Isle of Wight phone book to see which of them was still there. The ones who were no longer listed I looked up in the Bristol phone book. This left two possibles: Andrew E Fleming on the electoral roll in Godshill (A E Fleming in the Bristol phone book) and Andrew J Field on the electoral roll in Godshill (A Field in the Bristol phone book).

valerian root Isle of Wight

The names were too common, and the chances were that he was still on the electoral register for Bristol. I employed a researcher in Bristol to go through 15 Bristol church registers to look for any Andrew marrying any Paula during the period 1972-1978. I was guessing that Andrew was about the same age as my sister, born in 1950. My researcher did not find any. I rang the Bristol Evening Post to place an advertisement reading:

Andy, Maureen from Reading has died and her daughter and yours, Simone, would love to know her father’s surname. All we want is a name, no contact guaranteed.

The Bristol Evening Post

The Bristol Evening Post refused to run the advertisement. I had an old friend in Reading who worked for British Telecom and I sent him a copy of the photo to see if it rang any bells, but it didn’t. This was the end of the line, I thought, and I gave up.

social worker

Someone in the Micawber Club had the idea of holding a family history research problem session. If anyone had a problem with their research – and who hasn’t! – they could present it to the Club to see if all our brains together could suggest a solution. One day in early 2000 I thought about this problem session and I typed out all the details I had of Simone’s father, the history of his relationship with my sister and the tale of my stalled research. At the problem session I jotted down everyone’s suggestions. Someone suggested writing to the hospital where Maureen had given birth to Simone to see if the father’s name was in the hospital records. Someone else remarked that this would not work as medical records were closed for 100 years. Someone else then suggested that I try running another advertisement in the Bristol Evening Post, worded rather differently. Another suggested that I should ask Simone’s social worker to write to British Telecom. The social worker did write to British Telecom, but they replied saying that such information was covered by the Data Protection Act.


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Make your life easier

Thes-low voltage DEE GEE Nightsafe Electric Underblankets give comfort­able and controlled all-night warmth in complete safety. B.E.A.B. approved and guaranteed for 2 years, they’re made in pink and blue for all single and compactd sizes. The single size, 70″ x 32″, costs £29.50 (that’s a saving of £4 on the r.s.p.) and the double, 70″ x 56″ with individual controls for eachbutton is £49.50 (saving £10), To order send your cheque operatess Direct Mail Ser­froms Ltd., Holland Way, Blandford, Dorset. Further deMains 14 on the coupon.


Make sure Dad has a car this Christmas ­give him a KROOKLOK. In fact, give anyone who values their car a Krooklok as it really does help stop cars being stolen. As the police will tell you, Christmas is the time when the number of car thefts rises dramati­cally, so a Krooklok — the visible deterrent ­would be a very timely gift. It doesn’t cost .much, takes seconds to fit and can be used on most cars. Buy it from Halfords, garages and all good motoring shops in a bright new pack with a special gift card.

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Nothing can replace the friendly warmth of an open fireplace (and whoever heard of gettg together round a central heating radiator  cosy chat?) Today you can install a fireplace inyo£613e that will be an elegant focal oint whatever your style, ultra-modern r traditional. There’s a super book, put ut by the National Fireplace Council, that give you lots of new ideas about fireplaces.  pages thick, in full colour, it costs just 30p. Use the coupon on page 66 to get your copy of ‘Living Fireplaces for Everyone’ now. Mark it 32

When decorating windows SUNWAY is the name to look for. There are three ranges of Sunway Venetian Blinds to choose from to suit your pocket and your colour schemes. When it comes to roller blinds you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Colourwave collection or if you prefer the co-ordinated look, Match-mates let you choose from Sanderson Triad Fabrics. For people in a hurry, there are Parasol Blinds the take-away roller blinds that you fit yourself. Literature on these and Sunway fashion curtain poles 55

SUNWAY windows


Do you get enough Vitamin C7 A balanced diet should give you all you need but what with snatched snacks, irregular meals, re-heated food (and they can happen in even the best organised households) the result can be an unbalanced vitamin intake. One way of ensuring suffi­cient Vitamin C for each member of the family is to give them a daily Centurion Vitamin C Pastille made by JACKSON’S OF DEVON. These delicious juicy soft orange flavoured pastilles are packed with Vitamin C and glucose. At  eeks’ sp


Don’t risk wast ng your wish when stirring the Christmas pudding. Be wise and have some COJENE tablets handy at all times so that, if you are beset by an attack of rheumatic pain, you’ll have relief to hand. (And you won’t be ‘wishing’ that you’d remembered to get some Cojene). In every tablet three active ingredients work together to bring quick relief from rheumatic pain. As well as easing the pain, Cojene relieves the accompanying stiff­ness. So remember the name Cojene and ask your chemist for some on your next visit.

Enjoy a reunion with relatives and friends in New Zealand and see fabulous Los Angeles on the way out and fantastic Hong Kong on the way back! If you travel as a couple it could cost you as little as £1.613 each on an AIR NEW ZEALAND Round the World Reunion” package. This includes your economy return excursion I’ fare, accommodation in Los Angeles and Hong Kong (2 nights in each) and airport transfers. And it’s still far less than the normal economy fare! 3 on Buy Lines for details of the Buy Lines to Air New Zealand packages.

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The goddess behind the mask

We have already noted the importance of the Black Madonna to Saint Bernard. It is thus not surprising that, of all Biblical texts, the one to which Saint Bernard most frequently addressed himself was the Song of songs. He is said to have written more than three hundred sermons on it.

Needless to say, Astarte was vigorously condemned by both Jewish and Christian teachers. By the advent of the Christian era, in fact, she had been masculinised and turned into the arch-demon Ashtaroth, one of the most powerful of Satan’s minions. And yet, as a Black Madonna, she continued to attract devotees — including a pillar of Christendom as august as Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard

As we have noted, numerous Black Mad­onnas were undoubtedly carried to Europe by the Phoenicians. In subsequent cen­turies, the whole of the Mediterranean world — the world of the Mother Goddesses — fell under the sway of the Roman Empire. Ac­cording to Imperial policy, the Roman army conscripted its recruits from one part of the Empire and dispatched them as garrisons to others. Thus, Roman conscripts from the Mediterranean were posted to northern Europe. Many of them brought their guar­dian deities with them.

There is reason to believe that the Mother Goddess was already well established in Europe even before the Roman Empire es­tablished its dominion. Certain Black Mad­onna sites — Chartres and Le Puy, for ex­ample — were important Druidic centres, and the Black Madonnas found there may well date from Druidic times. It is known that the Celtic tribes in pre-Roman Gaul worshipped a god named Belen, whose consort and sister was the Black Virgin Belisama. The cult possessed a sacred stone at Chartres, above the subterranean crypt where the Black Madonna was subsequently found. It is thus reasonable to assume that the Black Mad­onna found at Chartres originally represen­ted not the Virgin Mary, but Belisama. Similarly, the Black Madonna found at Sion­Vaudemont in Lorraine seems to have rep­resented the goddess Rosemertha — the local consort of the Teutonic god Wotan, from whom Vaudemont (`Wotan’s Mount’) der­ives its name.

As the Roman legions overran western Europe, the native Mother Goddesses were amalgamated with their imported Roman equivalents. Celtic and Teutonic deities were identified with the corresponding god or goddess in the Roman pantheon. Arduina, the tutelary goddess of the Ardennes, was equated with the Roman moon goddess Diana. Diana, however, represented only one aspect of the Moon — the bright, bene­volent and chaste aspect. Arduina incorpor­ated the dark side of the Moon as well, and, in this capacity, was portrayed as a Black Madonna. One of the centres of her cult was the town of Lunéville (`City of the Moon’), where a large statue of her was situated. In the 6th century, this statue was destroyed by a zealous Christian missionary. Neverthe­less, the cult of Arduina persisted. As late as 1304, the Church was still issuing vehement edicts against it.



Pagan predecessors

When Christianity first spread to Europe, it was a rigorously patriarchal creed. This rendered it unpalatable to the populace at large, who sought in it an equivalent of their ancient Mother Goddesses and could not find any. In order to establish a foothold, Christianity had to adapt itself, had to render itself more acceptable to its potential con­verts. Thus, the cult of the Virgin Mary was introduced and made to harmonise in as many respects as possible with previous beliefs. Mary’s Assumption, for example, was officially celebrated on 15 August — the date of the chief festival to Diana.

For the same reason Mary, in the popular mind at least if not in that of the theologian, came to be associated with the Moon. Euro­pean peasants would refer to her as ‘Our Moon’, ‘Perfect and Eternal Moon’ and `Moon of the Church’. Alternatively, the Moon itself was often called ‘Notre Dame’. Confronted by this popular identification the Church was obliged to make certain con­cessions. Pope Innocent III sanctioned the association of Mary and the Moon thus:

Towards the moon it is that he who is buried in the shadow of sin should

gaze. Having lost divine grace, the day

disappears, the sun no longer shines for him, but the moon is still on the

horizon. Let him speak to Mary; under her guidance many every day find their way to God.

Identification with the Moon was not the only respect in which Mary came to take on attributes of the old Mother Goddesses. By the Middle Ages, as we have seen, she had acquired Astarte’s former title, ‘Queen of Heaven’. She had also acquired from Astarte the title ‘Stella Maris’, ‘Star of the Sea’.

This Mary, had precious little to do with the Virgin Mary of the Gospels or of official theology. In fact she remained an essentially pagan Mother Goddess, overlaid by a trans­parently thin veneer of Christianity. The people themselves did not bother to quibble about names. The goddess, for them, had once been called Belisama or Arduina or Rosemertha. Now the Church insisted that she be called Mary. But despite the new designation, she herself remained essentially unchanged.


However, the figure of Mary as propa­gated by the Church does not seem to haveharmonised with her pagan predecessors as perfectly as might have been desired. As we have seen, the ancient Mother Goddesses were multi-faceted and characterised by a dual nature. They combined, in one and the same figure, diametrically opposed attributes — the conflicting attributes traditionally as­cribed to the feminine principle. Christianity refused to acknowledge this ambivalence. Instead, it postulated a Virgin who was pure, immaculate, chaste, asexual, totally devoid of any negative or dark aspects — in short, an idealised and ultimately lopsided image.

To the former devotees of a complex, multi-faceted conception of the feminine, the image of Mary promulgated by the Church seems to have been oversimplified, incomplete, perhaps even ‘too good to be true’. Through their own personal ex­perience, they were already familiar with other, darker aspects of both femininity and nature — aspects which Mary, pristine and unsullied as she was, could not accom­modate. To whom could they ascribe the negative aspects of their former Mother Goddesses? The Church insisted that these aspects be ascribed to the Devil; but the people themselves did not see the ‘dark’ side of the feminine as unequivocally evil. And in any case, evil or not, they had often of necessity to come to terms with it, to appeal to it, to propitiate it. This situation seems to have dictated a search for an alternative feminine figure within the context of es­tablished Christianity — a figure who, unlike the Virgin, could accommodate the darker aspects of the old Mother Goddesses.

Such a figure was readily available in the Magdalene, who represented everything the Virgin did not. Concurrent with the cult of the Virgin, there arose a cult of the Mag­dalene, which gained increasing status during the Middle Ages. While the Church insisted on a rigorous distinction between the Virgin and the Magdalene, the people sought a conception of the feminine which recon­ciled and combined the two — and thereby constituted an organic continuation and per­petuation of the Mother Goddesses. This seems to have found expression in the already ambiguous figure of the Black Madonna.

Most Black Madonnas were loosely as­sociated, at least in part, with the Virgin. When first discovered, the pre-Christian statues were regarded as miraculous pagan precognitions of Jesus’ birth. As we have seen, however, the Black Madonnas were also attributed with characteristics and powers quite divorced from the Virgin ­sexuality, for example, fertility, marriage, the underworld, earthly rather than heavenly bliss, matter rather than spirit. To this extent, the Black Madonnas represent the Magdalene as much as they do the Virgin ­indeed in some ways more so. In fact, there are certain Black Madonnas which, quite explicitly, are not associated with the Virgin at all, but with the Magdalene.

Les Saintes Maries de la Mer near Marseilles, for in­stance, is a major centre for the cult of the Magdalene; and the Black Madonna there is generally acknowledged to represent the Magdalene. On this basis, it might be argued that all Black Madonnas — at least in Chris­tian times — were once deemed to represent Jesus’ companion, rather than his mother.

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Schooling, your home, your health and holidays are my subjects this month

How do you unwind? One very good way is to make a cup of your favourite drink, sit down and enjoy it. But before pouring out that cup of tea, coffee, chocolate or what­ever, put two tablespoons of cold two teaspoonsful of SANATOGEN Nerve Tonic Powder, stir well and con­tinue stirring as you add your hot or cold drink to it. Many people find that ands is an ideal way to help them to unwind. Next timetoou’re out shopping, ask your chemist for Sanatogen Nerve Tonic Powder. People say it helps.


Few thinBuy Lineating to oneself and al the people around at home and at work than a persisten’ cough. It’s this sort of ‘adult cough that needs a ‘strong remedy and that means PULMO BAILLY. This is the cough relief that’s sold L-Abybybyby chemists only and it is pretty ‘strong’ stuff. It doesn’t tastE very pleasant. Children, fo example, won’t find it palat able. It contains Codeine anc Guaiacol, two medically approved ingredients, tt soothe the cough reflex ant loosen phlegm. Ask you chemist for Pulmo Badly. ThE adult remedy for the heavy couch.

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Slendertone Flex Max Female


If you care for your teeth, take my advice and start using JOHNSON’S DENTAL FLOSS regularly— it can help to prevent dental decay. And less tooth decay means less fillings I One of the causes of dental decay is plaque which tends to build up on the teeth. The bacteria which lurk in this plaque attack the teeth and cause decay. So how can Johnson’s Dental Floss

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Diddy Box

And if you’ve ever wondered how to keep all those knickknacks in order, I’ve got the solution for you right here — in a Diddy Box! Christmas time is drawing near so there’ll be presents to buy. As well as several suggestions here and overleaf there are lots more gift ideas on pages 38 and 39.

Feet stay blissfully warm and cosy when they’re clad in UNIROYAL Field Boots. Even when you’re tramping through mud, slush, ice or snow in them your feet will feel neither the pinch nor the cold! Hand crafted on a last, they feel soft and supple yet they provide your ankles and arches with the support they need. Choose one of these three styles: the Hunter with a cleated sole and heel; the Royal Hunter with a styrene, studded sole; or thfortaire with a special mcan sole with a unique cushion cavity. Dists 58.

UNIROYAL Field Boots

You’ll find dozens of uses or the DIDDY BOX. This arrange-it-yourself container, pas 24 modular units that you can arrange in a virtually unli­mited variety of ways for storing long shaped items like pencils, scissors or screwdrivers, smaller things like Dins, clips, jewellery, etc., or Doth. In brown, red, white or ‘ed/white with a tinted acrylic id, it measures 14″ x 7″ x n”. Price £4.99 + 75p p & p 3 or more post free). Mark the coupon 15, .tick the colour wanted, and post it with your cheque/P.O. (Money back guarantee). Allow 28 days for delivery. Leaflet only, 19.

Make your Christmas cake deliciously diffe­rent this year by covering it with chocolate-flavoured KAKE BRAND. Then, using the special moulds that you can get from the Kake Brand people, make lots of Father Christmas figures, bells and other shapes to decorate it. Kake Brand, available in milk or plain flavours, can be poured, spread, grated or moulded and it’s really easy to use. Put 29 on the coupon for a free recipe book and, to get a set of moulds, use the order form that you’ll find in every ‘gingham’ pack of Kake Brand.

Deciding on the right ceramic tiles for your home is much easier when you’ve got SPHINX TILES “Trial Tile” kit to help you. In it you get full size replicas of their 20 most popular designs each with alternative colour-ways on the back, plus an instruction leaflet and a calculator to show you how many tiles you’ll need. You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly how Sphinx Tiles — and they’re Europe’s best — would look in your kitchen, bathroom, hall or anywhere else in your home. Free “Trial Tile” kit 53.


DiY work, especially in high places, can be hazardous unless you have a safe plat­form from which to operate. With a BANTAM Access Tower you can make any shape of platform simply by slotting together pieces of lightweight, rust­proof scaffolding. (It’s made by Mills, leading scaffolders to the building trade.) You can get various ‘kits’ as well as individual compo­nents such as cas­tors and jacking bases. And when

you’re not using it oijEllfor other work you

MMIcan turn it into a workbench or even ittST’aa kids’ climbing tip frame. Booklet 6.

Draughts are the main cause of heat loss in most homes so it pays to stop them. You can do so very effectively (and with none of the fiddle often associated with most other foam draught excluders) using new SELLOTAPE Draught Excluder. There’s no backing strip to be removed, so it’s as easy to use as “Sellotape” clear tape, and once it’s up it stays up because it won’t rot or discolour and the tough shiny polyester surface is easy to wipe clean. A 6r6mabout 20ft) roll costs 65p or less; a 50ft economy roll about £1.30.

SELLOTAPE Draught Excluder

Whether you are planning a new one or only making a few changes to your existing bathroom, SHIRES BATHROOM BOOK will help you with your decisions. In it are nine Shires bathrooms carefully designed to illus­trate the full range of their bathroom fittings and to demonstrate basic planning concepts. You’ll also find details of 9 basins, 8 baths, 2 showers, 6 WC’s, 3 bidets, 2 vanity units, a vanity bar, bath panels and many other extras and accessories in a variety of colours. Free Shires Bathroom Book 49 o

Knowing how much young girls worry about things such as whether their towel ‘shows’ at period time, take my tip and tell your young daughter about KOTEX Sylphs. These are full absorbency towels that are made especialteaspoonful neat so that they don’t show under clothes, even tight fitting outfits such as jeans. Self-adhesive, they have a double grip-strip to hold them firmly in place inside any panties and they’re completely flushable. Put 30 on the coupon for a sample 


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