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Thes-low voltage DEE GEE Nightsafe Electric Underblankets give comfort­able and controlled all-night warmth in complete safety. B.E.A.B. approved and guaranteed for 2 years, they’re made in pink and blue for all single and compactd sizes. The single size, 70″ x 32″, costs £29.50 (that’s a saving of £4 on the r.s.p.) and the double, 70″ x 56″ with individual controls for eachbutton is £49.50 (saving £10), To order send your cheque operatess Direct Mail Ser­froms Ltd., Holland Way, Blandford, Dorset. Further deMains 14 on the coupon.


Make sure Dad has a car this Christmas ­give him a KROOKLOK. In fact, give anyone who values their car a Krooklok as it really does help stop cars being stolen. As the police will tell you, Christmas is the time when the number of car thefts rises dramati­cally, so a Krooklok — the visible deterrent ­would be a very timely gift. It doesn’t cost .much, takes seconds to fit and can be used on most cars. Buy it from Halfords, garages and all good motoring shops in a bright new pack with a special gift card.

lake utr TV entertainment with leafletdoors or out with he new PLUSTRON TVR5. tune in to radio, too, on the 3 wave band radio with AFC to lock’ you on to your selected ;tation. This TV/Radio corn-)act is as light and easy to ;arry as a small briefcase, yet t boasts a big 5″ screen which gives a brilliant picture. t has an anti-glare hood, push )utton controls and a fold sway carrying handle. And it )perates on 4-way power — irom standard batteries, a car boat battery or direct nains. Price, £111 or less. pRut 38 on the coupon for a eaflet all about it.


Nothing can replace the friendly warmth of an open fireplace (and whoever heard of gettg together round a central heating radiator  cosy chat?) Today you can install a fireplace inyo£613e that will be an elegant focal oint whatever your style, ultra-modern r traditional. There’s a super book, put ut by the National Fireplace Council, that give you lots of new ideas about fireplaces.  pages thick, in full colour, it costs just 30p. Use the coupon on page 66 to get your copy of ‘Living Fireplaces for Everyone’ now. Mark it 32

When decorating windows SUNWAY is the name to look for. There are three ranges of Sunway Venetian Blinds to choose from to suit your pocket and your colour schemes. When it comes to roller blinds you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Colourwave collection or if you prefer the co-ordinated look, Match-mates let you choose from Sanderson Triad Fabrics. For people in a hurry, there are Parasol Blinds the take-away roller blinds that you fit yourself. Literature on these and Sunway fashion curtain poles 55

SUNWAY windows


Do you get enough Vitamin C7 A balanced diet should give you all you need but what with snatched snacks, irregular meals, re-heated food (and they can happen in even the best organised households) the result can be an unbalanced vitamin intake. One way of ensuring suffi­cient Vitamin C for each member of the family is to give them a daily Centurion Vitamin C Pastille made by JACKSON’S OF DEVON. These delicious juicy soft orange flavoured pastilles are packed with Vitamin C and glucose. At  eeks’ sp


Don’t risk wast ng your wish when stirring the Christmas pudding. Be wise and have some COJENE tablets handy at all times so that, if you are beset by an attack of rheumatic pain, you’ll have relief to hand. (And you won’t be ‘wishing’ that you’d remembered to get some Cojene). In every tablet three active ingredients work together to bring quick relief from rheumatic pain. As well as easing the pain, Cojene relieves the accompanying stiff­ness. So remember the name Cojene and ask your chemist for some on your next visit.

Enjoy a reunion with relatives and friends in New Zealand and see fabulous Los Angeles on the way out and fantastic Hong Kong on the way back! If you travel as a couple it could cost you as little as £1.613 each on an AIR NEW ZEALAND Round the World Reunion” package. This includes your economy return excursion I’ fare, accommodation in Los Angeles and Hong Kong (2 nights in each) and airport transfers. And it’s still far less than the normal economy fare! 3 on Buy Lines for details of the Buy Lines to Air New Zealand packages.

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