Schooling, your home, your health and holidays are my subjects this month

How do you unwind? One very good way is to make a cup of your favourite drink, sit down and enjoy it. But before pouring out that cup of tea, coffee, chocolate or what­ever, put two tablespoons of cold two teaspoonsful of SANATOGEN Nerve Tonic Powder, stir well and con­tinue stirring as you add your hot or cold drink to it. Many people find that ands is an ideal way to help them to unwind. Next timetoou’re out shopping, ask your chemist for Sanatogen Nerve Tonic Powder. People say it helps.


Few thinBuy Lineating to oneself and al the people around at home and at work than a persisten’ cough. It’s this sort of ‘adult cough that needs a ‘strong remedy and that means PULMO BAILLY. This is the cough relief that’s sold L-Abybybyby chemists only and it is pretty ‘strong’ stuff. It doesn’t tastE very pleasant. Children, fo example, won’t find it palat able. It contains Codeine anc Guaiacol, two medically approved ingredients, tt soothe the cough reflex ant loosen phlegm. Ask you chemist for Pulmo Badly. ThE adult remedy for the heavy couch.

Have you reached that point in time when watching your weight is no longer enough to maintain a good figure? Perhaps your body is beginning to lose the firm muscle-tone of earlier years; bulges are developing and contours beginning to sag. Take heart, you can overcome all of these with hardly any effort on your part. Regular SLENDERTONE sessions will improve muscle-tone, firm-up flabbiness, tighten-in sagging and bulges while you relax, read or watch TV! Details about Slendertone and Home Trial Offer 51.

Slendertone Flex Max Female


If you care for your teeth, take my advice and start using JOHNSON’S DENTAL FLOSS regularly— it can help to prevent dental decay. And less tooth decay means less fillings I One of the causes of dental decay is plaque which tends to build up on the teeth. The bacteria which lurk in this plaque attack the teeth and cause decay. So how can Johnson’s Dental Floss

help? It can clean between your teeth and under the gums, where a toothbrush can’t reach, and so help to prevent the build-up of plaque. You should use It every night before brushing your teeth to remove both the plaque and food particles that may be lodged between your teeth. This will also enable your tooth­brush and paste to do a .more thorough cleaning job. Johnson & Johnson are the people who make Dental Floss — an assurance of quality. They make two versions, waxed and unwaxed, and they are

now producing even better value packs containing 25 metres. Ask your chemist for the new bigger packs of Johnson’s Dental Floss on your next visit. There’s also a free leaflet available that shows you exactly how to use it. To get your copy of it, put 28 on the reply coupon on page 66 now.

Which independent school would suit your children? ISIS (the Independent Schools In­formation Service) can help you to answer this question. They will provide you with ngree handbook and map listiing all the ISIS junior and senior boys’, girls’ and co­educational schools in your area and giving the location, costs, religious affiliation, age range, number of pupils and entry requirements for each one. ISIS will also help with advice on fees, insurance schemes and more, free of charge. Get a free copy of the ISIS handbook for your area by putting 27 on the coupon.



There’s a gift here that any driver will be glad of; a TV/Radio that all the family will be clamouring for; and news of an electric underblanket to keep you snug and warm all winter. And now that the heating’s on again, your home will appreciate a little humidification — so will you! Use the coupon on page 66 to send in your orders for Diddy Boxes, humidifiers, samples, booklets, etc. on offer in this month’s Buy-Lines.

These extraeourself and your furniture NightSafefying the air in your home. This is especially important if you have antiques or a piano as dry air can cause veneers and woods to split and pianos to become out of tune. HUMIDIFIER SALES LTD. have a special offer now on their Capri hang-on­radiator humidifier — a box of three for £12 as against the normal price of £4.60 each. You can get this special offer by attaching a cheque/P.O. to the coupon on page 66 (mark it 25). Or, for free literature put 26.

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